PRC’s Jan Gnida Gives Us Something to Chew on in this Patient Experience Learning Bite

patient experience learning bite

In this Patient Experience Learning Bite from The Beryl Institute, Jan Gnida, PRC’s Director of Patient Experience & Government Surveys, reminds us that everyone patients come in contact with in the hospital environment influences their perceptions and contributes to their overall experience. This short video bite will give you a taste for what it takes to drive excellence in patient care.

A typical inpatient hospitalized for three days may interact with 10-20 different providers and staff members, Jan notes. And in the patient’s eyes ALL of them seem to be nurses or doctors, even though only about half of them are actively involved in the patient’s care.

So when the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) asks whether nurses are treating patients with courtesy and respect, for example, it’s a good bet that patients are NOT excluding aides or registration clerks or therapists from their evaluation. Knowing that, hospitals need to remember to establish behavioral expectations for ALL staff, not just the nurses and doctors referenced in the HCAHPS survey. It’s the right thing to do — for patients, families and the good name of the hospital.

As a recognized expert on patient experience and government surveys, Jan has the insight and experience to help healthcare organizations create a culture of excellence. To learn more, please Contact Us.