ACHI Recap: Community Health

Another ACHI conference has gone by far too quickly! We were lucky enough to visit the Baltimore Inner Harbor for this year’s conference, so our exhibit booth was flooded not only with individuals who attend yearly, but also many individuals local to the East Coast. Here’s our ACHI recap!

It is always enjoyable to meet and chat with clients in person — Quad City Health Initiative, WNC Healthy Impact, and Health Council of South Florida, to name just a few! Our booth’s “selfie with props” motif (think crab-claw hats and false mustaches) provided us with so many lighthearted and truly funny selfie attempts. PRC’s booth was a hit across the board, and we had the most fun teaching everyone how to use a selfie stick and watching them send to family or coworkers or post on the ACHI app. The majority of participants gamely shot a selfie so they could brag to their kids and gift them with the selfie stick SWAG. We had a great time networking with our collaborators at Strategy Solutions, prompting even the most straight-laced professionals to loosen up and smile for the cameras.


One of the buzziest breakout sessions this year was titled Addressing Hunger as a Health Issue, exploring the premise that hunger and other social determinants are at the base of many health issues throughout our lifespan. For the conference in general, there seemed to be an increased focus on social determinants of health and increasing community capacity to address these and other issues. We also found that visitors involved with CHNAs for hospitals were mid-process and were instead focused on implementation and the newly required evaluation piece. If you are one of those people, or just interested in program planning and evaluation and have not received our white paper on the subject, click here.