PRC is a certified administrator and an approved vendor of the US government’s Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Surveys on Patient Safety Culture™ (SOPS®). As an independent third party, PRC offers staff added confidentiality in their responses, improving data integrity and ensuring candid dialogue about the attitudes, observations, and behaviors of their workforce.

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Easily Satisfy Government Requirements

PRC issues all relevant employees a user-friendly survey based on AHRQ’s SOPS® that takes about 10 minutes to finish. Surveys can be completed either on computer or with a mobile device. To aid in completion rates, we offer access to tools and techniques to increase participation levels. PRC handles the data preparation and submission and provides clients with confirmation when their data has been accepted. Clients also receive an easy to read summary of results upon completion. read more

A Clear Understanding

“PRC-administered AHRQ surveys are another example of PRC’s dedication to excellence, making sure your studies provide you with a clear understanding of your organization’s patient safety.”

Cynthia King, PhD

Senior Vice President of Physician and Employee Solutions, PRC

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