AHRQ Updates: What’s trending in the CAHPS community?

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We know you’ve got a lot on your plate and that it’s not always easy to stay current with the latest and greatest news from the AHRQ, CMS, ANCC, or any of the other organizational acronyms that impact the work you do every day. But you can count on your PRC team to keep you in the know. What’s trending in the CAHPS community?

That’s why we want to make sure you know about the great information communicated in CAHPS Moving Forward: Innovations in Tools and Research, a recent webcast presented by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.(AHRQ). The webcast explored recent findings and opportunities in patient experience research and discussed current and future CAHPS research plans. CAHPS development opportunities highlighted in the webcast include:

  • Data Collection Modes. Web, tablet and mobile devices offer cost-effective modes of data collection. More research and testing are needed to validate and move forward with these modes of collection in the future for official CAHPS measurement.
  • Item Development. Care Coordination, Shared Decision Making, Patient Engagement, and Patient Safety are all candidates for review in new item development.
  • CG-CAHPS. AHRQ is exploring a simplified (less wordy) version of the CG-CAHPS survey to increase response rates, particularly among vulnerable populations.
  • Additional Protocol Developments. AHRQ plans to continue review on Cancer Care and Inpatient Care studies.
  • CAHPS Patient Narrative Elicitation Protocol (NEP) This set of five open-ended questions can be administered on its own, or complement the CG-CAHPS survey as supplemental questions. It invites respondents to provide important details about their experiences that are not already included in the closed-ended survey questions.

If you are interested in the full presentation, please visit the AHRQ site for more information.

The PRC CAHPS team is committed to helping promote the overall goal of CAHPS studies — to improve the quality, safety and efficacy of care through a better understanding of the patient experience. We will do all we can to ensure that you have the CAHPS news you need to stay up to date with government requirements and communications that have the potential to affect CAHPS. You can also count on us to continue to pass along helpful information about the healthcare industry.