Aligning Healthcare with the Patient Journey

Physicians and medical staff working together to align the patient journey

Trust is critical to every stage of the patient journey, from patient acquisition through the delivery of care to eventual outcomes and patient retention.

How do healthcare organizations earn their patients’ trust? You may be surprised to learn that healthcare organizations — and even individual healthcare providers — plant the seeds of trust when they first interact with patients and their families, which, these days, is often online.

In this special webcast, Connect Healthcare President Noel Coleman helps you understand how to apply the trust equation — Trust = Presence + Consistency — to align the care you provide with the patient journey. You will also see how leading healthcare organizations are building trust, influencing choice and promoting loyalty.

Healthcare is no longer primarily an episodic experience for patients. Instead, as advances in healthcare have helped us live longer, the issues we have are more chronic in nature. As a result, the trust-based provider/patient relationship has evolved into the most powerful driver of outcomes and behaviors.

During his presentation, Noel:

  1. Offers an overview of the state of trust in American healthcare
  2. Discusses key milestones in the patient journey and show how you can enhance and impact the direction that journey takes
  3. Explores what patients want from your online presence
  4. Examines how you can leverage your survey data more effectively and review the data you should be collecting
  5. Shares the different pathways organizations take to begin this process

Aligning healthcare with the patient journey means meeting patients where they’re at. Patient experiences typically begin online and tend to set the tone for the care that follows. Healthcare organizations build trust over time, and one of the most important vehicles for driving trust is transparency. In today’s marketplace, transparency isn’t a choice: It’s an expectation, even an obligation. Transparency drives improvement more than just about any other incentive. You can’t talk about being patient-centric and not be willing to share your data. Transparency is a pathway to trust. Building trust means being present and consistent over time.

Sure, actions always speak louder than words, but you’re going to want to hear what Noel has to say about aligning your actions with patient needs and perceptions.

About Our Presenter

Noel Coleman
President, Connect Healthcare

Noel Coleman is the President of Connect Healthcare. Over the last 19 years, he’s worked with hundreds of healthcare organizations to improve the use of data for patient acquisition, loyalty and performance improvement. A Georgia Tech engineer by training, Noel applies a systems focus to healthcare and builds deep relationships with clients. His approach is helping Connect Healthcare create solutions that have been implemented in hundreds of hospitals across the country. Crossing over from sales to product development, marketing and strategy Noel has developed a deep understanding of the healthcare market and the unique challenges and opportunities it presents.

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