Does your brand awareness translate into market share? Unsure if your market share is due to preference, convenience, or just a lack of good options? PRC’s Brand Power Index (BPI) calculates brand attributes and assigns a single number to both your institution and your local competitors to reveal exactly where you sit.

Flexibility Meets Awareness

Having the highest market share or being the best-known hospital in your industry don’t necessarily mean you have a strong brand. Many factors affect perceptions and actual hospital use, some of which are beyond branding control. How can you react? Our proprietary calculation not only looks at how your hospital scores, but also how you should score, empowering you to determine your brand’s strength compared to the competition, as well as how it trends over time with different campaigns, putting the control back in your hands.

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Circular graph showing brand performance in comparison to competition and benchmarks

Turnkey Implementation

If you’re already conducting consumer research with PRC and are interested in discovering your institution’s BPI, no new questions will need to be added. We are happy to retroactively calculate your BPI based on your prior data. Not currently a PRC consumer research partner? No problem. Contact us to get started.

Powerful Branding

"The Brand Power Index is an extremely useful metric for our healthcare system, as it gives us an accurate view of how our brand stands against others in a very competitive market. Not only does the index assess the perception of excellence and unaided awareness, there are eight other attributes consumers can weigh in on to better align their expectations and the realities of the market."

Jay Keltner

Director, Integrated Marketing, Advocate Health Care

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