PRC’s data guides your organization toward excellence, drives patient loyalty, and strengthens your brand in today’s competitive marketplace. As dedicated partners, our team works with you to customize your patient experience survey, adding questions supporting your strategic goals.

Why Excellence?

PRC measures excellence in healthcare for a reason. When discussing a doctor’s service, are you more likely to trust someone’s recommendation if the care is described as “very good” or “excellent?” In our research, patients who perceive their care to be “excellent” are four times more likely to recommend an organization than those who perceive it as “very good.” It’s this distinction that differentiates the best in healthcare, and why we believe it’s important to acknowledge in our healthcare research.

Excellence goes two ways for us: we encourage healthcare organizations to strive for it, and we want to provide excellence in our research and solutions. This includes our Key Drivers of Excellence® which help you identify areas of focus for an excellent healthcare environment; real time capabilities to offer the most current and relevant data; and our Voices® feature that gives you access to firsthand, recorded opinions from your patients. These solutions are only a few examples of the resources we offer that spring from our own dedication to healthcare excellence, a dedication held since 1980.

Hand holding blue trophy with star to recognize excellence in healthcare
Magnifying glass in front of pie chart analyzing patient loyalty

Quality to Loyalty

To complement CAHPS questions that measure frequency of care, PRC also asks questions that measure for quality. With CAHPS questions, even if the care is perceived to be poor, that poor care could still receive the same score as excellent care if both are delivered at the same frequency. However, when measuring quality, if care is perceived as excellent, it creates a memorable culture of excellence that translates to loyalty among competition. We apply this measurement of loyalty to patient experience, employee engagement, and physician partnership, that when taken together, fosters a culture of excellence and loyalty throughout your entire organization.

Achieving Excellence

"For McLeod Health, it starts with measuring excellence. PRC’s system shows us that our patients are having excellent experiences across our continuum of care, and we continually see the patient loyalty that is leading us to market share growth and system expansion."

Cathy Kunkle Lee, MBA, CPXP

Corporate Vice President of Patient Experience, McLeod Health

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