PRC’s data guides your organization toward excellence, drives patient loyalty, and strengthens your brand in today’s competitive marketplace. As dedicated partners, our team works with you to customize your patient experience survey, adding questions supporting your strategic goals.

In Pursuit of Excellence

Understand Core Culture. By promoting a culture of safety, teamwork, and mutual respect in both our workplace and our clients’, we foster an environment which helps everyone be their best selves.

Measure the Patient Experience. We do more than collect patient data. We strive to capture exactly what it means to be a patient at each unique location, looking at and listening for the whole picture.

Transform Healthcare. In addition to the innovative work PRC does with tools such as®, we transform the healthcare landscape each time we deliver data to healthcare organizations and accelerate the path to excellence with our team of coaches and consultants.

Achieving Excellence

"For McLeod Health, it starts with measuring excellence. PRC’s system shows us that our patients are having excellent experiences across our continuum of care, and we continually see the patient loyalty that is leading us to market share growth and system expansion."

Cathy Kunkle Lee, MBA, CPXP

Corporate Vice President of Patient Experience, McLeod Health

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