Share your data with the public while meeting IRS dissemination requirements on a user-friendly website, which cleanly and clearly compares your health statistics to state and national findings.

Build Your Community

PRC’s CHNA process includes the development of your own® website, a customized, community-facing web portal. This site offers community residents and partner organizations access to the data and reporting in a dynamic, user-friendly interface. Each community’s® site is founded in its underlying PRC Community Health Needs Assessment and the multiple data sources it references, including critical measures of healthcare access, chronic disease, preventive care, modifiable health risks, and health status.

By connecting people to information, ideas, and resources it is our hope that residents and stakeholders of all types will better understand the challenges facing their own communities and serve as a catalyst for change.

Person sharing information with community connections

Forecasting Success

“Our HealthForecast® site allows the community to view health data in an easy-to-understand format. It also offers stakeholders a shared library of information across multiple geographies, and facilitates assessing and addressing health needs together.”

Sarah Sjolie, MPA

Chief Experience Officer, Live Well Omaha

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