You know a 5-star experience when you have one. PRC aids in the consumer search with Star Ratings, displaying patient data as easy-to-understand star ratings and showcasing positive comments for both your providers and locations. By calculating and publishing verified consumer ratings and reviews to your online directory you can ensure consumers see the most relevant information about the care your organization delivers.

PRC's Real Time Turnaround

Embracing Transparency

Just as in the consumer goods industry, today’s healthcare consumers want tools to research and shop for healthcare. And, just as they select a restaurant or a hair salon, an increasing number of consumers determine which physicians to see after reviewing online ratings and comments from other patients.

As a result, almost all healthcare institutions now offer a physician directory on their website, making the search for a provider easier for the consumer. PRC aids this search even more by including star ratings and comments, like the ones you see when you search most consumer goods.

Our process includes requesting feedback from 100% of the patient population following their visit in the fastest way possible, electronically. PRC sends invitations and the recipient can respond on the go from any mobile device.

Flag with star ratings above upward-trending line graph

Provider Star Ratings

Whether you know it or not, transparency in physician care already exists to some degree through social media outlets and other consumer review websites. However, these sites often become an outlet for those who specifically have something negative to say, creating inaccurate representations of the care your physicians provide.

In reality, the majority of patients are satisfied with the care they receive, and many feel the care is excellent. Our research finds 74% of patients rate the quality of care provided by their doctor as “excellent.” Now is the right time to let your providers show their true stars, positive comments, and enhance your provider directory with the PRC data you know and trust.

Location Star Ratings

Like providers, star ratings and reviews of facilities are always a click away on the Internet, but you have no control over what they say, even if negative reviews and inaccurate information skew the scores. In response, Star Ratings for facilities take data from inpatient, outpatient, and emergency department surveys to create accurate ratings, highlight positive patient comments for your institution’s care, and give you the control to ensure the scores stay that way.

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Seamless Implementation and Display

After calculations based on responses to key survey questions, Star Ratings reside on provider and/or facility profiles, where you can also include recent positive patient comments. With PRC’s real time capabilities, Star Ratings update alongside data collection to give users the most up-to-date information possible.

We work directly with your marketing department, third-party web developer, or the advertising agency who manages your website to create a seamless process for getting this information on your website. In addition, we offer tools and resources to guide you on your transparency journey, including prelaunch reports that ensure providers and location stakeholders can view their results prior to public release.

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