CMS will publish Hospice Quality Reporting Program data in Summer 2017

new Hospice Compare website

In its proposed rule dated May 3, 2017, CMS outlined plans for the launch of its CMS Hospice Compare website.

At the outset, the site will feature public reporting of the seven Hospital Item Set (HIS) measures that are currently submitted under the Hospice Quality Reporting Program (HQRP) participation requirements. These measures are:

  1. Treatment Preferences
  2. Beliefs/Values Addressed
  3. Pain Screening
  4. Pain Assessment
  5. Dyspnea Screening
  6. Dyspnea Treatment
  7. Patients Treated with an Opioid who are Given a Bowel Regimen

In addition to these measures, CMS also requires data collection with the Hospice CAHPS (Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) survey as part of the HQRP. Public reporting for Hospice CAHPS, however, will not begin until Winter 2018, and CMS will use a rolling EIGHT quarters of data.  (This is longer than the rolling four that CMS uses for CAHPS data on other public reporting sites.)  The first reporting period will be April 2015 through March 2017. The data for January through March 2017 will be submitted in August, so “Winter 2018” likely means January or February of that year.

CMS is proposing to publicly report these 8 measures from Hospice CAHPS survey:

  1. Hospice Team Communication
  2. Getting Timely Care
  3. Treating Family Member with Respect
  4. Getting Emotional and Religious Support
  5. Getting Help for Symptoms
  6. Getting Hospice Care Training
  7. Overall Rating of Hospice
  8. Willingness to Recommend Hospice

CMS will apply a patient mix adjustment and a mode adjustment to Hospice CAHPS results for public reporting. In a departure from the HCAHPS adjustments, CMS will use the telephone methodology as its mode of reference, meaning data collected via phone surveys will NOT have a mode adjustment applied. The specifics of these adjustments have not been released yet, but we expect to find them on the Hospice CAHPS website later this year.

If you have any questions regarding the Hospice CAHPS survey or how its results will be reported, please contact us.