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Happy patient being treated by dedicated medical staff
Data-Driven Motivation: A PRC Partner Spotlight

MidMichigan Health’s success comes from both a dedicated care team & keeping a pulse on their patient experience through PRC’s healthcare discovery platform.

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Child staring pensively by window
Adverse Childhood Experiences in the US

In our National Health Survey, adults throughout the US were asked about their history of ACEs through a series of survey questions.

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Doctor speaking to patient in wheelchair
PRC Best Practice Tips: Increasing Awareness of PRC Surveys

If a patient knows PRC may be reaching out to them, they are more likely to respond to the survey they receive.

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Doctor and patient are discussing at clinic
PRC is an Approved Primary Care First Vendor

PRC is happy to announce that we are a fully-approved vendor for Primary Care First Patient Experience of Care.

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Masked doctor and nurse treating patient
CMS Proposes Changes to VBP as a Result of the Pandemic

CMS provided the FY 2022 IPPS Proposed Rule, which provides guidance on the use of CY2020 HCAHPS data for Value Based Purchasing (VBP).

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Nurse talking to patient in wheelchair during COVID-19 Pandemic
CMS Releases HCAHPS National Pandemic Performance Data

CMS anticipates not using any CY2020 HCAHPS data in VBP—either for the performance period for FFY2022 or as the baseline for FFY2024

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