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Care team members viewing Healthcare Experience Academy video
Launch Event: Introducing the Healthcare Experience Academy

Join us for an exclusive look at a unique healthcare learning opportunity with the Healthcare Experience Academy.

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Doctor, nurse, and hospital leader walking down hall.
CMS Finalizes Changes to VBP Due to Pandemic

CMS provided the FY 2022 IPPS Final Rule, which provides guidance on the use of CY2020 HCAHPS data for Value Based Purchasing (VBP).

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Engaged medical staff meeting together
Guide to Retaining Excellent Employees

For organizations looking to improve their retention, the most powerful resource are the very employees they’re trying to retain.

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Call center staff speaking with patient following discharge
CARES™ Connect: Elements of an Effective Discharge Solution

Post-discharge communication is relatively commonplace in healthcare, so what makes CARES™ Connect stand out from other discharge solutions?

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Doctor and nurse caring for elderly patient with family
CMS Publishes OPPS Proposed Rule 2021

CMS published an OPPS proposed rule, containing information for programs including OAS CAHPS & the Radiation Oncology (RO) Model.

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doctor and nurse speaking to patient in hospital bed
Call Filters: Wait Time Exclusions

In order to reduce survey fatigue among patients, PRC has put forth a wait period exclusion protocol that is consistent with CMS’ guidelines.

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