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Healthcare professional using tablet to view PX data.
National HCAHPS Response Rates Continue to Fall

In the most recent Care Compare update, we see that national HCAHPS response rates have continued to fall.

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Female doctor treating African American patient
National Health Survey Brief: Racial/Ethnic Health Equity in the US

Race & ethnicity are risk markers for other underlying conditions impacting health, such as housing, education, and other social determinants.

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Stethoscope on top of HCAHPS data chart
How Your HCAHPS Data Gets Used

Your hospital uses your HCAHPS survey results for your own improvement, but other organizations also use the HCAHPS data PRC submits to CMS.

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Medical team treating patient while wearing masks during COVID-19
When the Patient Experience Shifts: Findings and Implications from our Nationwide Analysis

Explore data trends during COVID-19 across the continuum of care to provide context for your own PX performance evaluation & goal setting.

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Hospital security vehicle outside emergency room
Security Services

This rapid improvement resource focuses on staff engagement in security services & applicable communication best practices.

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Healthcare worker caring for COVID patient in PPE
Transforming COVID Patient Care: A PRC Partner Spotlight

Sparrow Hospital realized they could use their resources to shift the paradigm in COVID-19 management by allowing families to have visitations with patients.

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