Embracing Excellence to Drive Consumers to Your Brand

Embracing Excellence to Drive Consumers to Your Brand
Join PRC for a new consumer webinar, “Embracing Excellence to Drive Consumers to Your Brand.” During this webinar, a PRC expert, Keith Schneider, discusses the importance of having an excellent patient experience to back up the messaging you share with consumers.
Keith also shares findings from this year’s edition of PRC’s National Healthcare Consumer Study, and explain the connection between engagement and PX.

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About the Presenter

Keith Schneider Headshot

Keith Schneider - Director, Consumer & Engagement Studies, PRC

Joining PRC in 2002 with a lifelong passion for branding, Keith employs a deep-seated set of marketing and research skills to help clients obtain actionable insights that will enable them to make strategic decisions to deliver quality care in ways that elevate their brand. During his tenure at PRC, Keith has managed hundreds of complex, custom research projects for healthcare organizations throughout the United States, overseeing the sample design stages, script-writing functions, and sample generation for PRC’s computer-aided telephone interviewing system as well as electronic surveys. Through timely deliverables and engaging, informative presentations, Keith helps ensure that clients have the data they need to assess their image, interpret the findings and fulfill all their research objectives. He currently leads PRC's Consumer & Brand division and guides custom research to enhance clients' marketing and branding efforts. Keith earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska–Omaha.