Faith-Based Healthcare: A PRC Partnership

PRC partners with the nation’s leading faith-based hospitals and health systems with a shared devotion to providing excellent healthcare experiences to everyone — regardless of race, language, income, education or reading level, or any other demographic or ethnographic factor.

Many faith-based organizations have a mission to serve all people, and PRC helps its partner organizations achieve that. Our industry-leading response rates prove that we actually talk to a representative sample of patients. We go beyond simply offering them the opportunity to take a Web survey or a mailed survey — we actually connect with them and get their perspectives on their healthcare experiences. We capture and share patient Voices® with our clients — something other vendors don’t offer.

Are you surveying a diverse and inclusive population?

Faith-based healthcare organizations often vow to take care of the poor and less educated. In markets with urban or poor populations, PRC is successful at reaching patients who would otherwise not be heard. The data support this. We analyzed CMS data tracking response rates in urban areas through our EasyView® HCAHPS Scorecard. In areas with large minority populations, response rates are often much lower than in the rest of the state or country. Partnering with PRC can help you obtain a truly representative sample of your patients and, sometimes, increase your response rate by 15-20 points in urban areas.

Why pay more and get less?

As unfortunate as it is to lose a client, every now and then we do. Using CMS data, we’ve tracked response rates from former clients serving large minority populations in cities such as Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, and Dallas. This research verifies that PRC’s proprietary telephone method achieves markedly better response rates than other vendors attain through mail and internet surveys — PRC was able to get a higher response rate and clients saw better average scores on every domain. Urban patients, as well as patients from other disadvantaged geographies, are willing to share their experiences with PRC’s professional interviewers because it’s easy and convenient. Organizations committed to providing excellent healthcare experiences to everyone, including those who are less privileged, choose PRC. Choosing another vendor and using mail-out surveys in these areas costs more and nets lower response rates.

What does that mean?

It means that only PRC’s proprietary phone methodology overcomes the barriers that stop some populations from completing other vendors’ surveys. When these vendors mail out hundreds of surveys to patients who have a reading, language, or other barrier, it leaves patients feeling disenfranchised. PRC is the research partner to help organizations that are passionate about gaining an in-depth understanding of a truly representative sample of the populations they serve and that want to hear the actual voices of their patients. And patients in these areas are willing to contribute — and they do when PRC interviewers call.

PRC conducts surveys in a variety of ways, including tablet, Web, and phone. When we use our proprietary phone-based methodology, we overcome reading barriers as well as language barriers. This enables us to reach your patients to obtain their feedback of their patient experience in a way that can’t be done via mail or email.

Why are response rates important?

Let’s do some math. To understand response rates, all you need to do is divide the number of completed surveys by the number of attempted surveys. For example, if you mail out 100 out surveys and receive 10-12 completed surveys back, you have a 10-12% response rate. If you hire PRC to conduct telephone research for you, and we make 100 calls to your patients and survey 30-35 of them, you have a 30-35% response rate. PRC is proud of its high response rate. We’ll get data representative of your patient population in the most time- and cost-efficient way for your organization.

Why do we do what we do?

Patient-centered care is at the core of what we measure. We want to empower organizations to create experiences that make patients feel that they have received excellent care.

Choose excellence. Choose PRC.

If your organization is as passionate as PRC about gaining accurate, representative perceptions from the patients you serve, contact us. We’re eager to build a relationship that helps you achieve your goals.