Getting to Know Us: Cheraw’s Journey to Service Excellence

Going back to the basics of bedside shift reporting pays off for McLeod Health Cheraw

When Community Health System opted not to renew its operating lease for the hospital on Chesterfield Highway in Cheraw, South Carolina, morale and scores languished. But only until the Cheraw hospital joined McLeod Health in the summer of 2015.

Almost immediately, McLeod Health partnered with PRC to kick off patient satisfaction interviews to diagnose operational ills and target strategic solutions. Only two dimensions registered scores at or above the 75th percentile, with six sitting at or below the 50th percentile. Reaction was swift. McLeod Health would have no measure below the 50th percentile, and Nurse Communication would hit the 75th percentile, stat.

Because the Med/Surg Unit generated the most admissions, the focus fell there, and the solution came quickly. McLeod Cheraw would go back to the basics and emphasize the best practice of bedside shift reporting.

Take a look at this webcast to see how the team implemented a three-pronged approach to improving patient experience:

  1. First, the Med/Surg Unit would emphasize improving communications between nurses, patients and families by training staff using evidence-based best practices for bedside shift reporting.
  2. Next, leadership would validate the appropriate use of bedside shift reports through observation and the establishment of an ongoing, linked checking plan.
  3. Finally, McLeod Health Cheraw would introduce a Gemba Board to enhance and track care-related communications with patients and their families.

The result? McLeod Health Cheraw and its Med/Surg Unit increased scores in every dimension, year over year, hit its targets, improved morale and inspired pride.

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