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Healthcare professional caring for members of the community.
Case Study: Creating a Community Focal Point

Saint Anthony Hospital’s longstanding dedication to improving the health of their community is embodied in their upcoming initiatives.

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Brunette female doctor talking to patient in the hospital office.
The Quest to Continuously Improve the Patient Experience – Healthcare Experience Matters Podcast

Joe Snipp shares his unwavering passion for his job and the importance of a proactive approach for enhancing the patient experience.

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Doctor speaking to patient in hospital bed
Greater Recognition Needed for the Healthcare Heroes of the Opioid Crisis

The reality of the opioid epidemic further highlights the critical role healthcare professionals play in combatting opioid addiction.

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Doctor treating family in masks
Case Study: Answering the Call Through DEI Measures

UnityPoint Health – Trinity built initiatives to withstand time, bring the community together, and inform the public on healthcare resources.

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Doctor and patient elbow-bumping to minimize contact
CARES™ Connect for Better Patient Communication – Healthcare Experience Matters Podcast

Kathleen Lynam describes the elements of an effective discharge solution in this latest episode of Healthcare Experience Matters.

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2022 PRC National Healthcare Consumer Study on an office desk
2022 PRC National Healthcare Consumer Study

Responding to the evolution in healthcare habits, PRC conducts a survey of consumers across the country, looking for habitual trends.

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