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Doctor with stethoscope
Maintaining Empathy for Patients in a Busy Practice Environment with Dr. Trevor Turner

Dr. Turner joins for a discussion about upholding empathy and thorough communication in a demanding patient care setting.

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light bulbs arranged as a clock
Building a Positive Workplace Culture in Healthcare that Lasts

How to build and sustain a positive workplace culture is explored this week on the Healthcare Experience Matters Podcast.

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Physician Patient Communication
Simple Tips for Efficient and Effective Physician/Patient Communication

Everyone is pressed for time in healthcare, but effective communication does not necessarily need to take more time to implement.

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Abstract blur hospital corridor defocused Medical background
Keeping it Simple to Drive Excellent Patient Experiences

HXF’s Jeff Robbins explains in simple terms how healthcare professionals can engage their patients to drive excellent experiences.

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People Hands Together Partnership Teamwork
Navigating Generational Diversity in Healthcare and Beyond – Healthcare Experience Matters Podcast

Lorraine Parker-Clegg joins Healthcare Experience Matters Podcast for a truly inspiring chat about navigating generational diversity.

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Brunette female doctor talking to patient in the hospital office.
The Quest to Continuously Improve the Patient Experience – Healthcare Experience Matters Podcast

Joe Snipp shares his unwavering passion for his job and the importance of a proactive approach for enhancing the patient experience.

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