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PRCCast Mondays With Mel: Exploring Neuropsychology with Dr. Lindy Fields

Dr. Lindy Fields, clinical neuropsychologist at Nebraska Medicine and assistant professor at UNMC in Omaha, shares her passion of neuropsychology and the strange experiences like ‘tip of the tongue’ and imagination inflation on the PRCcast, Mondays With Mel.

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PRCcast Mondays With Mel: How Is Despair Killing Your Community? [Minisode]

This month’s Mondays With Mel minisode radiates green, but not to celebrate the saint of Ireland. Join us as we address Mental Health Awareness and discuss the NY Times article “Who Killed the Knapp Family?”

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PRCcast Mondays With Mel: Burning Out Physicians Before They Begin with Lexy Fancher-Dominguez

Everyone knows the rigors of post-secondary education, but few are aware of the hidden challenges that await them in medical school.

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PRCcast Mondays With Mel: Is Physician Automation The Future Of Healthcare? [Minisode]

Have a taste of this month’s minisode about the future of automation and healthcare! Will robots eventually edge out physicians as primary caregivers or are humans a necessary component of the healthcare experience?

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PRCcast Mondays With Mel: Destigmatizing Addiction with Rhonda Miller

In 2018, Speak Up For Ben was founded to break through the solitude and creating a sense of community with strangers in order to destigmatize addiction.

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PRCcast Mondays With Mel: Disrupting Healthcare Innovation with Dr. Trevor Turner

From horses to humans, Dr. Trevor Turner is disrupting traditional views on medicine. As a physician and PRC Excellence Accelerator® coach, Trevor has a passion for surgical alternatives and stirring up some dust…literally.

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