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Healthcare worker treating elderly patient in hospital
HCAHPS Care Compare Percentiles

Updated May 2023 – July 21 Through June 22 Discharges

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Nurse speaking to patient in hospital bed
Patient Rounding: A Rapid Improvement Resource

Patient rounding connects leaders & patients and gives patients confidence in the organization, the team, its leadership, & quality of care.

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doctor explains a diagnosis to senior woman patient
CARES and Anesthesia Communication

Patient centered communication surrounding anesthesia and keeping our patients safe.

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Doctor with clipboard speaking to patient
A Lot Can Happen in 15 Minutes: Patient Experience in the Physician Office

Time and time again, our research shows that four things significantly impact how patients feel about the overall experience.

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Group of confident healthcare professionals.
2022 Key Drivers FAQ

One of the most useful tools for prioritizing your customer service activities is Key Drivers of Excellence.

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Laptop with PX Success Series pulled up
Introducing the PX Success Series

Optimize your patient experience performance in with our PX Success Series of videos, now available exclusively to PRC partners.

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