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We started Mondays With Mel one year ago with the goal of giving even the smallest voices in healthcare a platform to share their stories.

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Adverse Childhood Events Impacting Community Health

For too many, childhood trauma is an unfortunate reality, and for even more Americans it’s part of a growing public health crisis.

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Minorities in Healthcare: Adjusting with the Times and Paving the Path for Healthcare Diversity

The United States, by its very nature, constantly undergoes significant demographic change. By 2050, the current minorities, or non-white population, in the United States will become the majority.

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PRC’s National Health Survey Brief: Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Weight

In the PRC National Health Survey, over two-thirds of American adults are classified as “overweight,” (67.8%) with almost half of those two-thirds also being “obese” (32.8%).

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PRCcast Mondays With Mel: Ep 11 – Christopher Coburn

Christopher Coburn from Bozeman Health touches on microaggressions toward LGBTQIA community members and their impact on health equity.

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Care despair: What health insurance literacy means for public health

Many of you, especially those working with patients, regularly encounter illiterate adults and may not even know it.

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A Regional Approach to Strengthening Community Health

The people behind the WNC Health Network took that sentiment to heart and applied the spirit of collaboration to their Community Health Needs Assessments to identify and solve health problems in their community.

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