PRC’s Proactive Measures in Response to COVID-19

As COVID-19 cases rise across our home state of Nebraska and worldwide, we at PRC are taking every precaution to ensure the safety of our employees and the trust of our clients.

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PRCcast Mondays With Mel: How Is Despair Killing Your Community? [Minisode]

This month’s Mondays With Mel minisode radiates green, but not to celebrate the saint of Ireland. Join us as we address Mental Health Awareness and discuss the NY Times article “Who Killed the Knapp Family?”

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Population-Based Strategies For Improving Mental Health In Your Community

CredibleMind CEO, Deryk Van Brunt, DrPH, presents the importance of mental health—something he considers to be a “crisis in our communities.”

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Not for the Faint of Heart: Exploring the Cardiovascular Health Disparities Affecting People of Color

When viewing heart disease from a community health perspective, research continues to show troubling health disparities across race and ethnicity.

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PRCcast Mondays With Mel: Destigmatizing Addiction with Rhonda Miller

In 2018, Speak Up For Ben was founded to break through the solitude and creating a sense of community with strangers in order to destigmatize addiction.

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Adverse Childhood Events Impacting Community Health

For too many, childhood trauma is an unfortunate reality, and for even more Americans it’s part of a growing public health crisis.

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Minorities in Healthcare: Adjusting with the Times and Paving the Path for Healthcare Diversity

The United States, by its very nature, constantly undergoes significant demographic change. By 2050, the current minorities, or non-white population, in the United States will become the majority.

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