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The Power of Service Recovery

At its simplest, Service Recovery is a set of tools and techniques that can be used to make things right after something has gone wrong with the healthcare experience.

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PRC’s National Health Survey Brief: Chronic Conditions

The latest PRC National Health Survey identified eight in ten American adults as suffering from at least one chronic condition and over half of which are living with two or more.

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CHNA Glossary of Terms

A CHNA glossary of terms for hospitals and public health organizations.

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Food Insecurity in the US: Findings from the PRC National Health Survey

A healthy diet is the cornerstone to a healthy population. Unfortunately, this simple truth is not a simple issue and is more widespread than many would like to believe.

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Root Cause Analysis

You’ve just received the final version of your PRC Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), but where do you go from here?

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Building Sustainable Collaborations: Lessons Learned from Two High Functioning Collaboratives

This webinar will explore the characteristics of a coalition that has sustained a long-standing, cross-sector partnership in communities including structure, approach to community health assessments, and collaborative projects.

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Primary Data Unlocks the Secret to a Powerhouse CHNA

How many people in your community use opiates? Five percent? Twenty? The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports a daily average of over 130 deaths from opioid overdose.

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