Trends & Implications with Nursing Engagement

Through diligent research, Dr. King and Leigh Ann Bradley dispelled nursing myths and found trends in generations focusing on engagement. In this study, they detail the findings, discuss tactics, and offer strategies for your organization to improve nursing engagement.

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Building Sustainable Collaborations: Lessons Learned from Two High Functioning Collaboratives

This webinar will explore the characteristics of a coalition that has sustained a long-standing, cross-sector partnership in communities including structure, approach to community health assessments, and collaborative projects.

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Primary Data Unlocks the Secret to a Powerhouse CHNA

How many people in your community use opiates? Five percent? Twenty? The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports a daily average of over 130 deaths from opioid overdose.

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CHNA Minute: Community Engagement

It can be hard to get communities to be interested in hard numbers and data, but we have found that communities are exponentially more engaged when they can relate to the respondents.

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Passion Meets Profession at ACHI

For the past seven years, I’ve had the opportunity to attend the Association for Community Health Improvement (ACHI) conference and have truly enjoyed watching the conference evolve beyond IRS rules and regulations.

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Substance Abuse: Findings from the PRC National Health Survey

In an effort to better inform the public about substance abuse’s impact on community health, PRC’s latest National Health Survey includes crucial community data about alcohol and drugs.

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PRCcast Mondays With Mel: EP 01 – Jim Sifuentes

Join Mel and Jim as they discuss the Chicago community health and the close relationship Saint Anthony Hospital has with their neighbors and community partners to impact health.

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