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PRC Roundtables empower our client partners by creating a community among healthcare leaders to discuss and share their challenges and best practices for Patient, Employee and Physician Experience. These virtual roundtables allow the opportunity for knowledge sharing about the most pressing issues healthcare organizations face today. On behalf of our teams at the PRC and the Healthcare Experience Foundation, we are honored to support your learning journey.


Raising the Bar: Restoring a Culture of Civility

June 21 at 1–2 p.m. CT
Join Jeff Robbins, MBA, CPXP, director of healthcare experience coaching, for an interactive Round Table Discussion. With a proven track record in creating patient and physician/provider experience improvement in inpatient, emergency department and clinic settings. Jeff has had success in re-establishing engagement through fostering environments of Civility/Considerate Conduct and Etiquette Based Medicine. We will explore challenges, solutions, and habits you can apply in your organization.

This session is recommended for: CNOs, Nursing Directors and Managers, and Patient Experience Leaders

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