Keys to Creating an Engaged Nurse Culture

Keys to Creating an Engaged Nurse Culture
Presented by:
Cynthia King, PhD, MA, Director of Client Organizational Development at PRC
Wednesday, May 15 at 1:00 p.m. CT

In this webinar, Dr. Cynthia King will share key takeaways of the latest report from her and co-author Leigh Ann Bradley, Chief Operating Officer at Healthcare Experience Foundation.

If you’re facing nurse burnout, don’t put a Band-Aid over a broken leg. Learn how to get to the root of the issues your nurses face and overcome them together, making your hospital a better place for everyone.

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About the Presenter

Cynthia King

Cynthia A King, PhD - Director of Client Organizational Development, PRC

Dr. King is dedicated to uncovering the underlining fundamental needs that drive employee engagement. Her research has found that employees’ perceptions and well-being improvement by providing interpersonal and workplace support. Cynthia’s research background along with her dedication to improving overall employee relations make her a strong asset at PRC.

As Director of Client Organization Development for PRC, she leads the Employee Engagement division and is responsible for the development of the Engagement Index used to help healthcare organizations find effective and efficient ways to engage employees and caregivers in their overall culture. Considered an expert in Action Planning for Excellence, she is an accomplished speaker and published author. She received a PhD in Educational Psychology with a specialization in Learning Cognition, Motivation and Instruction and a MA in Program Evaluation from the University of Texas at Austin.

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