Let EasyView put you in the ‘Drivers’ seat

easyview data

It’s not just about how much data you collect. To be sure, when you partner with PRC and our EasyView data, you’ll get plenty of great data and a wealth of insights that truly reflect the quality of care you provide. So, what is it about?

It’s what you do with the data that counts. And the first step toward applying the data to drive measurable improvements in patient experience — which will lead to higher scores — is to determine which aspects of care have the greatest influence on how patients and their families feel about their experience when they’re in your care.

PRC’s reporting and data management web portal, PRCEasyView.com®, takes the guesswork out of the equation by using reliable statistical analysis to identify your Key Drivers of Excellence®.

What are Key Drivers of Excellence®?

Key Drivers of Excellence® are the aspects of care that most influence how patients and their families rate their overall experience. As part of EasyView’s suite of reporting and advanced analytics tools, Key Drivers® give PRC partners a deeper understanding of their scores across multiple levels — system, hospital, unit, clinic location, department, and provider — and enable decision-makers to determine where to focus resources to maximize performance improvement. To ensure their relevance and accuracy, PRC calculates Key Drivers® using each client’s unique data.

How do Key Drivers of Excellence® work?

Knowing which aspects of care are most important to your patients is critical. The understanding gained through Key Drivers® fuels improvement efforts.

  1. Viewing graphs of your Key Drivers® helps you track how your team improves week by week, month by month, quarter by quarter, or year by year.
  2. You can format these graphs and share them via scheduled emails to designated team members using PRCEasyView’s EasyView to You Or you can export the reports into Excel® or PowerPoint® and include them in presentations.

Why measure Key Drivers of ‘Excellence’?

PRC is the only research firm measuring excellence on its five-point scale.

Response scale.png

Not all top boxes are equal. Excellent is a higher standard than the top box terms used by other research vendors (e.g., Very Good, Very Satisfied, etc.). If patient loyalty is a priority, only “Excellent” matters. Using PRC research to focus on excellence will provide you the information you need to increase patient loyalty.

PRC believes it benefits hospitals and healthcare systems to understand more about patients than which are just satisfied and rate their experience as Good or Very Good or Very Satisfied.

To drive better performance, healthcare organizations should focus on moving scores from Very Good to Excellent. When caregivers understand what excellence looks like, they can improve the patient experience. PRC’s scale enables researchers to determine the Key Drivers® that identify what motivates patients to rate their care as Excellent, rather than Very Good. That’s just one reason why PRC may be the right fit for you.

If you would like to learn more about how to identify your Key Drivers of Excellence® and improve your performance, please Contact Us.