PRC invites you to participate in our upcoming National Nursing Resiliency Study

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What is the goal of the study?

The potential loss of seasoned nurses is a major problem for healthcare organizations, so our research aims to equip you with the insights to keep and support your nursing teams. Study insights will provide senior leaders with knowledge of what most affects nursing engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

We will share findings from the study with participating organizations and nursing units to help them improve their nursing experience, while also using the research to finetune our own healthcare discovery solutions built around supporting nursing units nationwide.

What should I expect as a participant?

Participation in our National Nursing Resiliency Study research is by invite only and at no cost for participants. Following completion of the study, all participants will receive a complimentary copy of our National Nursing Resiliency Study report, summarizing key findings and giving participants a chance to see how their experiences compare to fellow nursing leaders, along with an individual, hospital-level report containing insights specific to the perceptions of your organization’s nurses.

National study findings will also be shared in the form of a webinar led by PRC’s nursing experts, in which participants will receive complimentary access to the webinar’s live broadcast and OnDemand recording.

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View our sign-up form for the study here.

To learn more about our plans for the National Nursing Resiliency Study or any of our nursing solutions, contact us today at [email protected].