New CHNA Briefs offer insights on issues and trends

Reviewing paper that could be a CHNA brief

To make it easier for you to keep up with research related to community health issues and trends, we’re introducing a series of CHNA Briefs. Each Brief will deliver pithy, incisive insights you can use to put your unique population into perspective.

Ever wonder about what your counterparts across the country are discovering about the health needs surfaced by their Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNAs)? Wouldn’t it be nice to know which issues come up most frequently and which needs stretch across county and state lines? 

Well, you’re not alone. Professional Research Consultants, Inc., (PRC) had the same thought. Great minds think alike, right? So, we reviewed 100 of the most recent CHNAs we’ve conducted for client hospitals and healthcare organizations. First, we quantified what our clients are identifying as significant health needs, and then we examined how they established priorities for addressing the community health issues their CHNAs revealed.

We found that the community health needs identified in a majority of our 100 most recent CHNAs fell into three categories, which spell out the ABCs of community health priorities in the U.S.

  • Access to healthcare
  • Behavioral health (mental health, substance abuse)
  • Chronic disease (nutrition/physical activity/weight, diabetes, heart disease/stroke, cancer)

To get the view from 50,000 feet and then dive down into the details of PRC’s research, check out our new CHNA Brief: Prioritizing Health Needs. In addition to downloading the Brief, think about getting in touch with us to see how our community health data can support the work you’re doing to help people in the communities you serve lead healthier, more satisfying lives.

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