New CHNA Minute video series makes every second count

CHNA research

If you’ve only got a minute, PRC’s new video series is for you. Instead of poring over technical demographic tracts or wading through research journals, count on the CHNA Minute to identify key issues and insights that will add invaluable context to your CHNA research efforts.

Demographers have described the Baby Boom generation — Americans born between 1946 and 1964 — as “the pig in the python.” As economist Paul Krugman put it, Boomers have been “a huge bulge in an otherwise skinny age distribution, gradually moving down the distribution” as they age. Given the size and impact of this generation, Professional Research Consultants, Inc., (PRC) was interested in gaining a broader perspective on the quality of life and the age- and health-related limitations of adults age 65 and over.

In the first episode of our CHNA Minute video series, we will share findings from our most recent PRC National Health Survey that are centered around aging in America. Did you know for example, that about one in four adults age 65 and over rates his or her health as “fair” or “poor”? Or that one-third — women and low-income seniors, in particular — deal with some kind of activity limitation?

If you’re wondering how your community compares to national trends, PRC can help you get the understanding you need to address aging-related population health issues through a customized Community Health Needs Assessment. To see how our community health data can support the work you’re doing to help people in the communities you serve lead healthier, more satisfying lives, think about getting in touch with us. To download the full PRC National Findings Brief on Aging, just fill out the form below.

What is a PRC Community Health Needs Assessment? For more information, visit our CHNA page. Make sure to watch the short overview video for fun, easy community health understandings.