Power of Transparency: Sharing the Patient Voice

Viewing star ratings on a phone

Power of Transparency: Sharing the Patient Voice

Hosted by:

  • Andrew Ibbotson, CEO, Ratings.MD
  • Nick Roth, Patient Experience Manager, BJC Medical Group
  • Tracie Jones, Product Manager – IT Digital Strategy, BJC Healthcare

Online presence plays a larger role than ever in healthcare consumer decision-making. Discover a simple addition to your patient experience to meet patients online before they choose to walk through your doors.

Join us for our upcoming webinar, “Power of Transparency: Sharing the Patient Voice,” where we explore the impact of creating online transparency for both your patient experience and your organization’s brand. By sharing your patient experience data in PRC Star Ratings powered by Ratings.MD, you harness a powerful tool to get in front of the online eyes of prospective patients revealing the excellent care you deliver.

Topics discussed in the webinar include:

  • The seamless implementation of star ratings and their power in reaching the healthcare consumer journey
  • The capabilities of Ratings.MD’s platform, including data governance, comment review, and drilldown of ratings for specific providers and locations
  • The real-world story of one of our partners at BJC Medical Group utilizing star ratings in their online brand

View an OnDemand recording of the webinar here.