Thank you for helping spread the word about PRC. Below you will find the program guidelines and how to sign up. Please read through all content and information.

Let’s get social!


Become an ambassador


  • Members must have a GaggleAMP account to start receiving points and sharing content.


What does a Brand Ambassador do?

  • An employee brand ambassador promotes a brand and its product or services to their network.


  • PRC Champions will allow you to share curated content through your social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, using our social sharing platform GaggleAMP.


  • The Brand Ambassador program will be a way for PRC employees to build their personal and professional brands as well as get rewarded with VIP gifts and experiences, all while showing your network that PRC is one of the best places to work!


What’s in it for Ambassadors?

  • Curated Content. You can find approved sharable content in your GaggeAMP dashboard. Content will be added and updated weekly so please check back often.


  • Content Suggestions. What do you want to see on our social media pages? Send all content suggestions through GaggleAMP. All suggestions will be collected and decided on by the marketing team.


  • Perks. You decide how much you want to promote PRC on social media. The more you do, the more points you earn that can be exchanged for PRC merchandise in the GaggleAMP rewards store!


  • Content Champion of the Month! A new Content Champion will be featured in our PRC Champions newsletter at the end of every month. Winners will be selected by the marketing team based on points earned that month and will receive an additional prize!


What is GaggleAMP?

  • GaggleAMP is an easy-to-use social sharing platform that allows us to share curated content with members while tracking and rewarding points to ambassadors for special rewards and prizes.


  • Though you will be sharing content through your personal social media channels. GaggleAMP cannot post anything you do not approve and does not collect data on your personal accounts.


For any questions please refer to our guidelines below or email [email protected].


Happy Posting!

The PRC Marketing Team