PRC Solution Series

Webinar Series for Vizient Advisors

Webinar 1: Intro for Vizient Members

Discover our suite of intuitive, data-driven healthcare intelligence solutions.

PRC is proud to be a Vizient-awarded supplier, and we’re excited to begin our PRC Solution Series of webinars for Vizient members. During this high-level introductory webinar, we discuss:

  • The scalability and customization of our solutions to fit your specific needs
  • Our focus on providing solutions that save cost and boost revenue
  • Patient, employee, and physician healthcare discovery packages exclusive to Vizient members

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Webinar 2: Optimizing Your Patient Experience

Patients are the center of healthcare. Secure your center by creating a patient experience that reflects your dedication to care.

In “Optimizing Your Patient Experience,” we provide an overview of our Patient Experience Solutions, from CAHPS® administration with the country’s highest response rates to research that measures for excellence and patient loyalty, along with our suite of action-driven reporting and intelligence tools.

In addition to showcasing the solutions themselves, we also discuss solution packages offered exclusively to Vizient members, go over real-world pain points our solutions address, and share a case study where we helped a health system cut their patient experience costs without sacrificing any efficiency.

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Webinar 3: Strengthening Your Patient Safety

Safety is one of the most important aspects of patient care, so instilling a culture of patient safety among medical staff members is a high priority for hospitals around the country—let us help with that.

“Strengthening Your Patient Safety” showcases how PRC helps our partners develop patient safety cultures within their organizations. For Vizient members, this includes solution packages that consist of third-party AHRQ Surveys on Patient Safety Culture administration and intuitive action planning tools and workshops.

Cultivating a strong culture of patient safety can be seen as an ongoing sequence of improvements instead of a set beginning and end, so we shape our solutions to help our partners at any stage of their patient safety improvement journey, providing insights and resources to create long-lasting change in their patient safety culture.

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Webinar 4: Generating Revenue Through Physician Relationships

In many ways, physicians are central to a hospital’s success. For patients, they represent authority in their healthcare experience; for employees, they lead your care teams; and for your bottom line, they’re an extra source of business through referrals. Indeed, maintaining strong relationships with your physicians is vital for your organization—that’s where our Physician Partnership Solutions come in.

In “Generating Revenue Through Physician Relationships,” we review the physician solution packages available exclusively for Vizient members. Our Physician Partnership solution packages equip hospital leaders with the insights and resources to ensure their hospital provides the best possible place for physicians to practice medicine, boosting physician perceptions of your organization and encouraging them to refer more patients to your facility.

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