PRC Values: Service is a caring calling

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“At its core, service is about relationships,” says Janet Botkin, PRC’s Director of Survey Design & Scripting. “The stronger the relationship — the more we know about our customers’ needs and what they are trying to accomplish — the higher the level of service we can provide.”

For Janet, building relationships means working to understand what each customer is asking for, anticipating that customer’s future needs, seeing connections between customers and tasks, and involving other stakeholders in the outcome as early in the process as possible.

Is there a secret to providing excellent service? “The best part of service is that everyone is part of it,” notes Janet. “Ultimately, a lot of pieces have to come together to provide an excellent product for our clients.”

Excellent service means going above and beyond client expectations, she explains. “It’s a reflection of PRC’s collective, caring attitude, and that’s what makes us different from our competitors.”

Janet believes that caring is at the heart of service. “Some companies just care about what’s in the contract and charge extra for anything that’s not spelled out,” she says. “But we have a culture of helpfulness. We care about you and your struggle, and we’re going to do everything we can to help you.” She says that healthcare providers “get” that.

That’s because people who go into healthcare have a calling, Janet reflects. “Doctors and nurses are called to do what they do. It’s their life’s work. They see a similar quality in what we do. That’s why we’re the best possible fit for healthcare clients. We’re united in a caring profession.”

At PRC, We have a true desire to help. We understand that every one of us has a responsibility to provide a level of service that exceeds the expectations of all customers, both external and internal.

We also understand that we can’t help healthcare professionals achieve excellence unless we provide excellent service, day in and day out. If you’d like to learn more about the exceptional service we provide, just contact us.

Choose excellence. Choose PRC.