PRC Values: Celebrating service, striving for excellence

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You can tell a lot about a company by its values, mission, vision, and, most of all, its people. At Professional Research Consultants, Inc., (PRC), all are aligned around helping hospitals and healthcare organizations achieve excellence in the eyes of the patients, families and communities they serve and the physicians, nurses and employees who constantly strive to deliver the highest possible quality of care.

Values Week

Starting July 18, PRC marked Values Week, which wrapped up July 22 with a celebration of the more than 10% of PRC team members who celebrated a 3-, 5-, 10-, 15-, 20-, 25-, or 30-year service anniversary in 2016. With nearly 1,000 teammates, PRC is large enough to help any size healthcare organization gather the data it needs to drive improved performance, yet small enough to offer a caring connection with people who work every day to live the values they celebrate: Quality, Service, Collaboration, Innovation, and Growth.

During Values Week, targeted emails profiled one team member per day. In the profiles, employees describe what the values mean to them and how the values help guide their decisions and inspire their efforts on a daily basis. Watch for these profiles to pop up in subsequent blog posts in the weeks ahead.

Links to video profiles of the 20-, 25- and 30-year Service Award recipients in three of the emails offered PRC teammates a closer look into the special qualities each brings to the table.

On Thursday, company leaders personally delivered snacks to team members in each of the five buildings ranging across PRC’s 10-acre research campus in Omaha, Nebraska.

In addition to the presentation of Service Awards, Friday’s celebration included a barbecue, a dunk tank, a selfie station, volleyball, and a bean bag toss. Check out photos of the event on Facebook

Service Awards

President and CEO Joe Inguanzo, Ph.D., led the ceremonies and noted that PRC pioneered the single most effective method of gathering people’s perceptions of healthcare and the overall healthcare environment: the telephone survey. Of course the company has proved just as adept at reaching respondents using mail, internet, and point-of-service methodologies.

That being said, PRC has been widely recognized as the leader in telephone research for 35 years. Dr. Inguanzo noted that PRC’s interviewers give voice to disadvantaged populations who may not otherwise be heard due to language or educational factors.

Ten years ago, when the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) was introduced, about 83% of hospitals relied on mail-out/mail-back surveys, while only 17% percent conducted research over the telephone. Today, as more healthcare organizations are realizing the benefits of the telephone methodology, phone surveys are trending up. Forty-one percent of hospitals now conduct telephone surveys, and 59% use mail. The more personal nature of telephone surveying is just one of the reasons PRC often recommends that clients adopt a confidential telephone methodology as the foundation of their patient experience research, including both cell phones and landlines.

Dr. Inguanzo and PRC Senior Vice President Joyce Inguanzo emphasized that PRC’s highly trained interviewers play a crucial role in obtaining quality data and driving high survey response and participation rates. Response rates consistently exceed national averages. In fact, 67% of PRC’s HCAHPS clients have response rates better than the national average. Once patients answer the phone, 90% of them will complete the interview with PRC, affirming the high-quality interviewing staff and ensuring that the data are truly representative of the target population.

Creating a Culture of Excellence

Aligning around values and creating a culture that encourages — and enables — PRC team members to become excellent is what enables PRC to deliver custom research to help hospitals and healthcare organizations achieve excellence. And that’s worth celebrating. if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you improve performance across your organization, just contact us.

Choose excellence. Choose PRC.