PRC Values: Collaboration combines empathy, teamwork

PRC Values banner for collaboration

“Playing nice with others,” laughs Nicole Rodriguez. “That’s collaboration.” Then, more seriously, “In a nutshell, it’s The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’” For Nicole, collaboration is continuous. “It’s every moment of every day.” As a Project Manager, she works with clients and PRC teammates to make sure surveys are conducted according to goals and specifications. She ensures that work is completed accurately and on time. She puts herself in the shoes of her clients to help them understand the data collection process and how they can make the most of the insights PRC provides.

“I can’t tell you how important empathy is,” Nicole emphasizes. “Understanding what other PRC departments do, and knowing what’s on their plate now and in the future allows me to help them provide the best possible support to our clients,” she explains. “In my past roles at PRC, I’ve worked directly with most of the teams I work with now on a regular basis, so I understand what I’m asking for and what is entailed, for the most part, to get the job accomplished. A single request from a client has the potential to be touched by nearly every department, so we all have to work together to ensure we provide excellent service,” she adds.

“Our clients are our partners, and there cannot be a partnership without collaboration,” says Nicole. “Collaboration is a differentiator — it’s what sets PRC apart from its competitors.” She notes that collaboration is essential to the custom research PRC provides. “Just look at our tag line: Custom Research for Achieving Excellence. We provide custom experiences to our clients as part of the package.”

The real difference-maker? “We strive for excellence every day,” Nicole says. “Our competitors don’t measure excellence. We look outside the box. We don’t say ‘No’ automatically. We always look to see how one client may benefit from work we’ve done with another. Several EasyView® applications started out as special requests from one client that ended up becoming a staple on the website and helping a multitude of other organizations better understand and use the data we collect.” That’s the power of collaboration.

“Every process I work on every day helps a client become a better provider,” she says. “My daily work ensures that clients aren’t just striving to meet their goals but provides them the patient feedback they need to make changes happen.” Whether it’s a simple question about interpreting data, adding new areas to be surveyed within an existing survey, or outlining the processes and requirements for a new survey, everything Nicole does relates to the patient experience. “Our data help clients better understand the patient experience, which helps healthcare providers improve their quality of care,” she says.

“Our shared goal is always the same — better quality of care.”

When it comes to collaboration, PRC believes that, as a team, we can accomplish more than any one of us could individually. As a member of this team, we will excel at our work so others can excel at theirs.