PRC Values: Growth = Being Better

PRC Values banner for Growth Strategy

“We look at growth as continuously getting better at what our clients want,” says Keith Schneider, Director of PRC’s Consumer & Brand product line.

He’s very clear-headed about what that means. “It means eliminating the ‘doing-things-the-way-we’ve-always-done-them’ mentality and thinking of innovative new ways to help clients get better at what they do,” Keith says. “The more we learn about what our clients are going through, the better we’ll understand what they really want and the more effective we’ll be at applying what’s proven or new in our industry to help them improve their performance and enhance their reputation.”

Keith points out that, “You can’t get better if you don’t ask questions and listen. That’s why we do surveys. And that’s why we’re continuously working with clients to explore how to give them exactly what they want, in addition to what they need. Knowing that allows us to become more efficient, and when we’re more efficient, we can help our clients become more efficient and effective.”

He puts it all into one simple equation: Growth = Being Better.

Keith contends that the words, “This is how we’ve always done it,” are some of the most dangerous words ever spoken. “If you don’t change as an organization, you’re like the dad who still dresses as if it’s 1970. If you’re still doing the same things you were doing 20 years ago, you’re going to be perceived as an organization that can’t adapt and can’t help clients navigate a volatile, fast-changing marketplace.” If you’re not moving ahead, you’re getting behind.

Growing is about adapting, he says. “It’s a matter of fit, too. As companies grow, the culture changes. To implement change effectively, a company’s culture has to be nurtured. Culture is the reason people work at a particular company.” Understanding the nuances associated with change is critical to growth. “Everyone keys on the importance of the leader, but it’s that first follower who really creates the momentum for change and growth,” says Keith.

Every one of PRC’s product lines focuses on helping hospitals get better in some way. If one of these metrics lags, the others are impacted. “It’s all about making sure hospitals are excellent from the perspectives of patients, doctors, employees and the community as a whole,” he says.

“Our business has always been about helping clients grow by becoming better, by becoming excellent,” Keith notes. “If our brand is about helping others grow, then we have to practice what we preach. We have to be excellent so our clients can be excellent.”

PRC team members build its legacy every day, recognizing that expanding services and products to new and existing clients complements PRC’s mission and brings meaningful benefit to the communities its clients serve.