PRC Values: Quality counts

To Diane, quality and excellence mean pretty much the same thing. “Excellence is what you do to satisfy clients’ needs,” the A.M. Interviewing team member says. “Excellence means meeting the highest possible quality standards every day.” And that counts for something; it makes a measurable difference.

Making quality count

“Today’s patients have learned to take more responsibility for their care,” she notes, “especially when it comes to getting answers to questions they feel are important.”

Diane has the perspective it takes to be able to make long-term observations about the care patients receive. She’s celebrating 20 years at PRC. “When I started working here, I thought I might be here for a couple of weeks,” she laughs. “But I like talking to people, and I love doing survey work that puts me in touch with so many people in so many different cities.”

Living the value every day leads to excellence

Incorporating quality into everything she does comes easily to Diane. She’s deeply committed to “doing the best quality of interviewing I can every day. Connecting with patients and the awesome people I work with at PRC is very natural,” she says.

Understanding the words PRC uses to define its value of Quality is important:

We have a genuine commitment to doing things the right way. We understand that the balance of timeliness, accuracy, and reliability results in the highest quality information and resources for our clients.

But living the value every day on the job enables PRC team members to help clients create a culture of excellence.