PRCcast Mondays With Mel: EP 06 – Aimee Guthrel

Mondays with Mel logo in front of table with a stack of publications, a coffee mug, and a plant

Picture this: You were recently released from an overnight stay at the hospital and your polite nurse escorts you to the discharge lounge. The room is full of comfy chairs and couches. The staff ask you what you would like to drink and hand you the tv remote. Before Alex Trebek can introduce James Holzhauer and his 30-day winning streak, the nurse informs you that a follow up appointment has been scheduled. You are free to go. Excellent, right?

This scene isn’t just an image in your head. In fact, Aimee Guthrel from Saint Mary Regional Medical Center outlines the importance of a discharge lounge at her hospital on the latest episode of Mondays With Mel. Dive into the benefits from the patient and employee perspective of this upscaled waiting room.