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The Latest Employee Engagement Resources

Bullies in Nursing

Many people face some type of bullying in their adulthood, and workplace bullying has been noted often in the healthcare field among nurses.

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Small, But Mighty: Strides to Start Celebrating the Little Victories in Your Hospital

“Slow and steady wins the race.” Remember this phrase? This underlines the method of sustaining the simplicity of “quality over quantity.”

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Employee Engagement Study

An Employee Engagement Study empowers organizations to gather, understand, and act on employees’ reported levels of engagement. As a major component of the patient experience, employees can make or break a patient’s experience. Having employees that are fully engaged with their work can make all the difference. From guiding pre-survey communication to administering efficient surveys with high response rates, through helping organizations understand results and developing action plans, PRC prepares healthcare organizations to drive better performance by increasing employee engagement.

Our Employee Engagement Study uniquely situates our experts to not only tell you exactly where you stand with your current workforce, but also where you stand nationally, as we compare your organization to other healthcare organizations across the nation. These powerful insights are then blended with historical findings to prepare a personalized roadmap for your organization to take your employee engagement to the next level.


Every client that PRC has guided through the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC)’s submission process has attained Magnet Recognition Program® honor, thanks to across-the-board unwavering hard work and commitment to the journey. PRC understands that your path to nursing excellence never really ends and is always evolving to adapt to advances in medicine and technology, as well as disruptions in the marketplace. That’s why we combine your data with our expertise to ensure your best shot at Magnet Recognition Program® designation.

PRC clients cultivate teams which gain meaningful recognition and achieve measurable, professional growth. If your organization is committed to attracting and retaining exceptionally talented nurses; improving patient care, safety, and experience; and achieving organizational goals and financial success, contact our experts or click here to learn more.

AHRQ Patient Safety Culture Study

In today’s healthcare environment, safety is of the utmost importance. The AHRQ study is a standardized assessment of cultures of safety. PRC provides the safety culture survey developed by AHRQ as a standalone or incorporating Engagement, Intent to Remain, and Loyalty questions in addition to the patient safety questions. We make your process as smooth as possible, providing the fixed questions set, formulas and benchmarks developed by AHRQ, and finally submitting data to AHRQ.

NQAI Study

The NQAI (Nurse Quality Assessment Inventory) survey was developed to help nurse leaders retain engaged nurses by providing insightful suggestions and recommendations on adaptive nursing solutions that support nurses within their teams and nursing careers. The NQAI provides useful information on the nursing workforce that can be used to make important decisions, including improved engagement, retention, and burnout mitigation, as well as whether an organization is planning to apply to the Magnet Recognition Program®. NQAI provides leaders with solutions to create and maintaining an engaging work culture that buffers the effects of a high-stress job and supports its nurses.

The NQAI can be administrated as a standalone study or as an add-on to the PRC Employee Engagement Survey. In this scenario, those participants identified as Registered Nurses are asked an additional 25 questions on the survey pertaining to the seven dimensions.

Exit Study

Exit surveys are conducted with employees that have left the organization to uncover reasons they have left and how long they had been thinking about leaving. This provides crucial insight into turnover, retention, and where improvements with engagement should be implemented. This survey is customizable to the specific needs of the healthcare organization.

Pulse Study

Pulse studies are often used to take a periodic “pulse” of particular aspects, of certain findings, in which an organization is focusing on for improvement. The PRC Pulse Study will target specific areas of impact by building a productive feedback loop into its Action Planning for Excellence process to ensure success.

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