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Physician Engagement Study

A physician engagement study determines how aligned physicians are with your hospital’s mission and values. As influential representatives of your organization, especially in the eyes of a patient, engaged physicians not only strengthen your hospital’s brand, but also improve the overall patient experience. Our physician engagement study tells you exactly where you stand as PRC compares your organization’s physician engagement against our national database, providing physicians, nurses, and managers an undeniable benchmark for success. Finally, PRC's Physician Hospital Experience solution concentrates this analysis to help your system grow.

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Referring Physician Experience Study

In today’s specialized healthcare marketplace, physician referrals are a common part of the job. By examining the referring physician experience, you’ll uncover exactly what inspires physicians to send patients to hospitals, helping you best align with the evolving market.

Referring Physician Market Needs Assessment

Specialized healthcare organizations such as children’s hospitals, cancer centers, and other academic medical centers are up against one another when it comes to referrals. Physicians oftentimes refer patients to these organizations based on their specific needs, but what influences their decision to send to one over the other? PRC’s Referring Physician Market Needs Assessment quantifies your understanding of what influences their decision to refer patients to your organization versus other specialized organizations. Conducting a market needs assessment offers the insight needed to uncover exactly how you stack up against your national competition.

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Pulse Study

Pulse studies are often used to take a periodic “pulse” of particular aspects, of certain findings, in which an organization is focusing on for improvement. The PRC Pulse Study will target specific areas of impact by building a productive feedback loop into its Action Planning for Excellence process to ensure success.

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