Snapshots: What Have You Been Missing?


Let EasyView® Snapshots help you focus on the big picture to drive meaningful performance improvement.

You use® all the time. But are you making the most of EasyView®applications that can add depth to your data and perspective to your analyses?

In this webcast, Nancy Miller, PRCEasyView® Support and Education Specialist, shares practical tips and insights into EasyView’s incredibly intuitive EasyView® application, which can make it a snap to get the most out of your data — and your team.

During her presentation, Nancy helps you step back, take a deep breath and look at Snapshots with fresh eyes. Whether you use Snapshots regularly or aren’t sure where to begin, Nancy walks you through the application’s capabilities and helps you better understand how it can breathe life into your data and refresh your approach to performance improvement.

  1. Essentially, Snapshots is a graphing tool that enables you to look at responses to specific questions — questions that are not  Key Drivers® but that still offer insights into the factors that influence organizational performance and patient perceptions.
  2. Snapshots makes it easy to group data in a number of different ways: by time period, unit, provider, time spent in the ER, overall quality of care — and more.
  3. How you apply Snapshots is the key. Segmenting data by time period, for example, can help you identify and track the things that are having a positive impact on patients.
  4. Using Snapshots to pinpoint areas of strength and weakness can help make team members accountable and know where and how they need to improve.
Snapshots is another EasyView® application that can make it easier to see the big picture about what’s
most important to your patients and where you can really make a difference.


About Our Presenter

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Nancy Miller, PRC EasyView® Support and Education Specialist 

In her role as PRC’s EasyView® Support and Education Specialist, Nancy Miller is primarily responsible for helping EasyView® users navigate this award-winning data management and reporting website to gain the insights they need to achieve excellence. Nancy has been with PRC for 11 years and has trained thousands of users on the applications and benefits of®, both onsite and via CyberSeminars. In addition to leading live training sessions, she has written, designed, and published training materials for the website and other PRC tools.

Nancy is a graduate of Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, and joined PRC with more than nine years of teaching experience.


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