PRC accommodates to the size and reach of critical access hospitals when providing our expert suite of solutions, offering a low-priced, fixed rate while still providing meaningful insights to support your hospital’s growth and success.

Patient Experience & Government Surveys

Patient experience research from PRC helps create a complete picture of your hospital’s care to help your caregivers cultivate trust and promote healing when and where it counts. Our patient experience surveys will accurately capture the voice of your patients and delivers it to leaders and frontline staff in real time. read more

Patient heartbeat vitals in front of heart
Employee head with consistent positive and engaged thoughts

Employee & Physician Engagement Solutions

Through our research with over 2,000 healthcare partners, we’ve learned that employees who perceive their workplace as “excellent” are willing to invest more effort in their performance and are ultimately happier at work, further contributing to the experience you provide your patients.

For critical access hospitals, PRC can also administer the assessment to the physicians of your hospital. Physicians are often viewed by patients as the authority in their healthcare experience, so ensuring engagement among your physicians can make or break your patient experience. read more

Community Health Needs Assessments

With a thorough understanding of your community, you’re able to better address the needs of the populations you serve, helping you make a measurable difference in the day-to-day lives of your communities. Our Community Health Needs Assessment gives you the actionable data you need to improve the health of your community while making the most of your resources. read more

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Simplify your process for using your PRC data by accessing it all through one easy-to-use platform. read more

Employee Engagement

Addressing the most critical areas for your employees, healthcare leaders utilize custom data and reporting tools to affect positive, sustainable change. read more

Community Health Needs Assessment

Bringing expertise and passion to each assessment, PRC gets to the heart of your local health disparities and what exactly they mean for your neighbors. read more

Patient Experience & Government Surveys

Understanding how patients engage with healthcare is a critical element to making an impact with high response rates. read more