While knowing the strengths and opportunities of your community’s health is certainly half the battle, applying that data to build a healthier population is no easy feat. That’s why our CHNA team goes above and beyond to help you start to transform data into strategic plans.

Transformational Assessment

As part of our mission to strengthen health of all kinds, we want you to carry your CHNA beyond the page. By delivering actionable data, facilitating prioritization processes, and providing a broad network of expertise and case studies, we ensure you make the most of your CHNA. Our Community Health team has over 75 years of combined experience and is readily available for private consultation—from project design to findings review—to help you maximize your research findings to impact community health.

PRC’s Community Health leadership team engages with teams during onsite visits. If you’re looking for someone to lead prioritization sessions that will connect decision-makers with the data and guide population health teams and community stakeholders to establish community health priorities, PRC’s expert coaching can help. During these interactive sessions, we obtain instantaneous responses regarding group priorities and help attendees to weigh the quantitative findings and areas of opportunity identified in the results against a variety of factors. By interacting with the data on a very real level, your CHNA transforms from a mere assessment to a strategic plan for community growth and improvement.

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