Substance Abuse

According to our latest National Health Survey data, over 35% of American adults feel the impact of substance abuse issues, whether their own or in someone they love, increasing to 59.4% among those using an opioid drug in the past year. Substance abuse contributes to negative health outcomes in myriad ways, including community and family violence, STIs and teen pregnancy, accidental injury and overdose, mental health, and suicide. read more

Mental Health

Mental health is a growing concern in communities throughout the US. Our National Health Survey estimates over 30% of US adults citing symptoms of chronic depression in their lives, with 20.6% being diagnosed with depression. US adults with diagnosed depression are also more likely to cite multiple other health risks in their lives, including activity limitations, housing and food insecurity, and use of opioids. read more

Analytical Community Support

“Public health and local leaders need to know the real-time prevalence of behavioral health risks in their communities and how they impact the people they serve. PRC Community Pathways works to provide insights to help better allocate limited resources to address unique populations.”

Bruce Lockwood

Senior Vice President, Community Health, PRC

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Community Health Needs Assessment

Bringing expertise and passion to each assessment, PRC gets to the heart of your local health equity disparities and what exactly they mean for your neighbors. read more

Make your community health intel accessible to everyone. read more

Critical Access Hospital Solutions

Solutions fit to the size and reach of critical access hospitals, offered a low-priced, fixed rate while still providing meaningful insights. read more