Goal setting from the Excellence Accelerator® helps you have it all—the most loyal physicians, the most engaged staff, and the most satisfied patients. Hundreds of healthcare organizations and thousands of leaders, staff, and physicians have found their own fast track to sustainable improvement with our Excellence Accelerator® coaches.

Driving you to succeed

If you’ve ever remodeled your house, you know the feeling of being inundated by options. Do you need a whole new sink or just a new faucet? Should you tear down your kitchen and start from scratch? Move to another country and avoid the whole mess? On the other hand, it’s easy to get lost in the sink project and neglect to give the fridge the attention it deserves. How can you plan and budget for everything?

Excellence Accelerator® coaches are the contractors for your organization’s successful remodel. Helping you prioritize improvement initiatives, start each project successfully, and guide your whole team to an engaged solution is our specialty. And, just as you wouldn’t follow the same remodel plan for every kitchen, our first step is always getting to know the blueprint of your unique organization.

Powered by a team of CEOs, CNOs, nurses, physicians with diverse expertise in organizational development, patient and family centered care, branding, and measurement, PRC Excellence Accelerator® puts excellence into motion.

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