DEI Pulse Studies

Measure key diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) indicators within your employee culture with PRC’s DEI Pulse Studies. Our dedication to excellence means helping our partners provide an excellent healthcare employee experience for people of all backgrounds, so we’re excited to offer a research tool that helps organizations measure their DEI landscape and discover opportunities to create a more inclusive workforce. read more

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Employee Risk Assessments

Do you know where to focus your employee experience efforts? Don't waste your time on initiatives with little reward; instead, focus on identifying opportunities to strengthen your employee culture with PRC’s Employee Risk Assessment. This cost-effective study evaluates key indicators of employee satisfaction within your organization and highlights areas in your employee culture that may pose a threat to sustained retention and engagement. All of which is conducted in a pulse study format for concise insights to help determine next steps in creating an optimal work environment. read more

Onboarding and Exit Studies

Capture employee perceptions at the beginning and end of their time at your organization to reveal insights surrounding orientation, retention, and turnover.

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Customized Study

Work with PRC’s Employee Experience and Survey Design teams to create a unique analysis of topics you want explored in your workforce.

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Explore Other Solutions

AHRQ Studies

Understand patient safety culture and identify key areas of opportunity. read more

Employee Experience

Addressing the most critical areas for your employees, healthcare leaders utilize custom data and reporting tools to affect positive, sustainable change. read more

Employee Engagement

Place a magnifying glass on your workforce engagement. read more