Nervous around numbers? We can help. Our research design experts find the perfect sample size and survey methodology, and they provide easy-to-understand data analysis for you and your team. By meticulously planning each study to yield results which are as accurate as they are actionable, PRC’s carefully executed research embodies our own commitment to excellence.

How to Start

What’s in a survey?

When patients rate overall quality of care as excellent, they’re four times more likely to rate their likelihood to recommend the hospital as excellent—patient experience drives loyalty. To provide more differentiation at the top, PRC uses a five-point scale (excellent, very good, good, fair, poor), accommodating the primarily positive feedback patients provide. Our data analysis tools tell you which aspects of care are more likely to impact your patients’ perceptions of the overall quality of care, the Key Drivers. Plus, our team of experts works carefully with each dataset and research question to ensure respondents are easily able to provide you with the best possible data, offering you more peace of mind than any other survey platform.

Sample Size

When designing your patient perception study, sample size quickly becomes one of the biggest decisions. It’s challenging to find the perfect number to balance error rate and research budget. After all, a too-small sample will result in data which might be so affected by error, it’s statistically insignificant. On the other hand, a sample larger than necessary wastes precious resources. Our team of experts works with each partner to find your sample size sweet spot. After all, we want your data to come out just right.


Our data collection methodologies include a variety of options including phone, mail, point-of-care (handout and iPad/tablet), esurvey and mixed modes in multiple languages. Our mobile-friendly esurvey and digital options include email/texting invitations designed to encourage participation and engagement. Our research design experts work with you and your team to identify a cost-effective study design that meets all of your research objectives.

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