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Journey of a Patient

journey of a patient

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Enabling organizations to analyze and trend interrelated experience data accelerates improvement. Our End-to-End solution creates synergy across your organization by listening to the voices of your patients and providing real-time feedback to ensure every encounter is a positive one. From compliance with government mandated surveys to real time pulses that measure the experience of patients, employees, and physicians we focus our measurement on strategies to create excellence in healthcare. Now more than ever, listening and supporting the experiences of physicians, nursing, and staff is critical to reduce burnout and deliver safe, high-quality care.

Best Practice

Through targeted initiatives developed with a focus on human connection, we ensure that healthcare professionals feel valued and supported in their roles. PRC's relationship-based approach to rounding focuses on connecting patients, employees, and physicians with empathy and compassionate care. This allows for open communication and closed-loop feedback, recognizing the invaluable insights and perspectives of your key audiences that create outcomes. By addressing their needs and concerns anonymously, we help create a positive workplace environment that directly translates into enhanced patient experiences and improved outcomes.

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CARES™ Connect

Our CARES™ Connect discharge call solution serves as a vital bridge between hospital care and post-discharge life. Through personal, one-to-one post-discharge outreach, we ensure that patients have a thorough understanding of their discharge instructions, answering any questions and providing support in navigating medication regimens. Our aim is to empower patients to take control of their health and recovery, fostering a smoother transition from the hospital to home improving quality outcomes and resulting in reduced readmission rates. read more


Committed to your success, our consultants play a pivotal role in supporting your organizational goals. Your consulting team will lead deep dives into data and identify areas for improvement, working with you to implement strategies that positively impact both employee and provider satisfaction as well as patient outcomes. Altogether, leveraging our hospital-wide healthcare discovery platform, which analyzes crucial metrics across the hospital and equips you to drive positive strategies for cultural change and operational improvement.

When you partner with PRC for your End-to-End patient experience needs, you gain a dedicated ally in elevating your hospital. Our platform integrates with your operations, ensuring a seamless extension of your team's capabilities to help you deliver outstanding patient-centric care, support your care team experience, and optimize patient outcomes.

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