PRC is a fully approved vendor for PCF PECs. If your practice site is participating, you will be able to select a PCF PEC survey vendor from June 3–June 30, 2021. While this is a new program, PRC has been an approved CAHPS survey vendor for other CAHPS programs for 15 years.

About The Survey

This 64-question survey, made up of the CAHPS Clinician & Group Survey v3.0 with additional PCF-specific questions, is conducted through mixed-mode survey administration and used to score five domains:

  • Getting Timely Care, Appointments and Information
  • How Well Providers Communicate
  • Patients Rating of Provider
  • Attention to Care from Other Providers
  • Support Patients Taking Care of Own Health

The PCF-specific questions focus on whether the practice site and provider demonstrated behaviors that align with PCF model goals, like improving patient health, increasing patient engagement, and limiting unnecessary healthcare costs.

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