Healthcare is dynamic, so only the most current data will do. PRC fulfills that need with the collection of relevant, real time data, supplying your hospital with important insights when time is of the essence. PRC Esurveys allow surveys to be taken anywhere, on any device, while the PRC EasyView® app facilitates mobile monitoring of results, creating an accessible, all-encompassing environment of real time data and reporting.

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PRC’s Esurveys actively collect real time data from your hospital patients, physicians, and staff to improve the healthcare experience of your organization. Supplementing PRC’s high response phone surveys with email and text Esurveys broadens the reach of your research, while providing data for actionable insights. Together, the instantaneous feedback of Esurveys and other PRC resources make for the timeliest possible collection and analysis of responses.

PRC EasyView® App

Access your patient experience data anytime, anywhere with the PRC EasyView® app, the first of its kind platform for mobile devices. Just like its desktop counterpart, the app simplifies data to help you make the most of your patient experience research, utilizing real time data and an intuitive interface to easily track your hospital’s PX performance, progress, and organizational goal achievement.

Download the PRC EasyView® app on Google Play or in the App Store today!

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Data in an Instant

"For years we’ve heard EasyView users wish they could see their data no matter where they work, and now they can see their scores grow in real time from anywhere in the hospital, or even anywhere in the world."

Dr. Joe M. Inguanzo

President & CEO, PRC

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