Move your results beyond the page with PRC’s suite of analytic tools. Whether you need to digest, share, or actionize your data, we offer the resources and expertise to transform your healthcare experience from good to great.

Brand Power Index

If your brand awareness isn’t translating into market share, you may feel unable to determine if your market share is due to preference, convenience, or just a lack of good options. PRC’s Brand Power Index (BPI) calculates various brand attributes and assigns a single number to both your institution and your local competitors to reveal exactly where you sit. read more®® innovates and simplifies how you use, interpret, and understand the data and insights PRC gathers to improve performance. Whether that means enhancing the patient experience, aligning physicians, engaging employees, differentiating your brand, or making your community a healthier place to live, EasyView makes digesting and analyzing data a breeze. read more

Engagement Link®

For better or worse, employee engagement and patient experience enjoy a symbiotic relationship. PRC Engagement Link® pioneers the way you see the bigger picture. By pinpointing exactly where those scores intersect, our teams can help identify the best strategic direction foreach unique unit and departmental level. read more®

Share your data with the public while meeting IRS dissemination requirements on a user-friendly website, which cleanly and clearly compares your health statistics to state and national findings. read more

Insights and Best Practices

Don’t try and pave your own course! Education is key to success, and our always updating Insights page allows you to search and filter through our library of videos, blogs, articles, white papers, podcasts, and best practice tips. read more

Top three boxed rankings with box size increasing by rank

Key Drivers of Excellence®

PRC’s Key Drivers of Excellence® determine where to focus your resources to maximize performance improvement and return on investment. Key Drivers help you understand which areas have the greatest influence over your overall scores. read more

Response Rates

HCAHPS performance continues to be a reliable benchmark for patient experience, but what happens when the only the most polarized respondents complete the survey? PRC’s proprietary approach to healthcare research has created the highest response rates in the industry, capturing the elusive voice of the silently satisfied. Offering more than just better data; research suggests that increasing the response rate improves a hospital’s score, as a strong correlation exists between response rate and HCAHPS scores. read more

Provider Star Ratings

You know a five-star experience when you have one. With Provider Star Ratings from PRC, we’ll share the patient data you need to display star ratings for your providers. By calculating and publishing verified consumer star ratings and reviews to provider profiles, specialty, and clinic pages you can ensure consumers see the most relevant information about the care your organization delivers. read more


Hearing the voices of actual patients sharing their feelings and feedback adds significant value to your patient measurement. As you hear the voices of patients describing what impressed them about the care they received, you’ll develop a more nuanced, comprehensive understanding of your patients’ experiences. read more