Relevant Categorization and Themes

PRC’s VoicesAi platform compiles millions of open-ended patient comments and, with sentiment analysis, highlights references to excellent care and separates responses into positive, neutral, and negative groupings.

From there, our artificial intelligence software assigns the comments to categories to identify the topics addressed in your qualitative research.

Categorizing thoughts within a head
Analyzing multiple items to get to the core

Inspiring Action Through Granular Analysis

Users can view their advanced comment analytics findings on PRC’s data reporting platform,®, which offers robust drill-down capabilities.

In addition to categories and super-categories, PRC EasyView® allows for reporting and filtering of patient comments by specific provider, location, time period, survey ratings, and more. With a user-friendly dashboard view, this gives you the power to study comment trends with precision and granularity.

TreeMap Categories on VoicesAi

Applying Artificial Intelligence

“The VoicesAi tool will accelerate our clients’ processes for extracting meaning from the generous feedback our patients provide in surveys across the continuum of care. Free text comments from patients are a valuable complement to the quantitative data we provide. VoicesAi organizes those thousands and thousands of comments into manageable categories that add color to the story, and with that, healthcare organizations can refine their improvement strategies for creating excellent experiences for ALL patients.”

Jan Gnida, CPXP

Senior Vice President, Research Operations

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