Truly Hearing the Patient Voice



PRC’s Voices application is the industry’s only reporting tool to capture the actual voice of the patient and provide search functionality within those comments. PRC adds value to your research effort by allowing you to hear the voices of actual patients sharing their feelings and feedback. Recordings of open-ended questions and answers allow clients to hear the actual voices of patients describing what impressed them about the care they received and/or what needs to improve. Because inflection and tone can add to the appreciation of verbal feedback, Voices® gives clients a more nuanced, comprehensive understanding of their patients’ experiences. Many managers have found that kicking off their daily huddles or weekly meetings by playing a Voices® recording motivates front line staff and connects them with the people behind the data.

PRC qualitative analysts provide comment summaries from the Voices® questions and tag all audio files for clients so they can sort through the audio of their patients’ comments. This allows managers to drill down to responses where patients refer to “my nurse,” “the nurse,” “a nurse,” etc., and adds valuable color to data and presentations.

The PRC Difference

Some vendors claim to represent the voice of the patient, but they’re speaking metaphorically. They say they are capturing every patient voice through census-based surveying with unlimited email. Not all patients provide or have an email, and excessive emails to the same contact in an effort for census surveying causes patient survey fatigue.

PRC has the same email capabilities as other vendors, with the added bonus of our proprietary phone methodology, yielding the highest response rates in the industry.

Still, metaphorically “capturing the patient voice” is not the same as listening to the actual audio from a patient’s experience. PRC can provide data just as representative as the next vendor, but with more value. Last year, Voices® was the most used EasyView® application. Why do our clients use Voices® so much?

Imagine starting off your next leadership meeting with the sounds of a grateful mother, praising your healthcare team for saving her 3-year-old daughter’s life. Some units start each morning hearing audio of patients, like the World War II veteran who was thankful for the caring touch from his nurse. Your patient experience team can listen when the husband of a terminally ill cancer patient suggests that you add softer blankets in the chemotherapy rooms for his wife. This is patient voice. This impact adds value to your data, empowering your healthcare team to provide the “something extra” that will move your organization from very good to excellent.

Why should your organization add PRC Voices® to your research lineup?

Because creating excellent patient experience is about more than numbers; it’s about people. Improving healthcare for the people you serve means listening to them, really hearing what they have to say about your organization, and then using that information to improve. Download our brochure to learn more or contact us to start your journey to excellence in healthcare.

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