Using Rounding to Improve Performance

rounding webinar

The Impact of Rounding on HCAHPS and the PRC Service Excellence Metrics

Presented by Sean Rodriguez, Chief Experience Officer, Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Q & A with Joan Becker, Nurse Patient Experience Partner

Sean Rodriguez will present on how he improved patient experience at Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

A recognized thought leader in the patient experience, Sean has been a healthcare administrator for more than 15 years and has been in management and business consulting for more than 25. A proven healthcare administrator, he concurrently managed a wide range of practices in both adult and pediatrics.

Sean has a demonstrated track record of successfully moving both employee and physician engagement, and well as, patient satisfaction. The units he managed had best in class scores for employee engagement and patient experience. As the first patient experience leader in the BJC Healthcare system, Sean successfully improved Barnes-Jewish Hospital’s HCAHPS percentile rank by 48 points within the first year of building the patient experience team.

He holds advance degrees in business administration, applied economics and clinical biomedical informatics.

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