Using Your CHNA to Develop an Effective Grants Strategy to Fund Community Health Improvement Efforts

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The Affordable Care Act requires nonprofit hospitals to conduct periodic Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNAs) and effective grants strategy to maintain their tax-exempt status by demonstrating their positive impact on the health of the communities they serve.

Join Jamie Heymans, Community Health Specialist with Regional Health in Rapid City, South Dakota, to see how your hospital or collaborative can use CHNA data to develop an effective grants strategy to fund your community health improvement efforts. Jamie will help you understand how the grant application process works and how you can incorporate your CHNA data into key aspects of your grant application, including your needs statement and evaluation plan.

During her presentation, Jamie:

  1. Provides an overview of the community health improvement cycle
  2. Examines the elements of a CHNA and demonstrate how to incorporate the various components into grant applications and program development
  3. Explains what a grant is — and what it is not
  4. Discuss resources for finding grants, determining eligibility, and writing applications
  5. Explores the importance of collaborations for developing successful and sustainable programs to improve community health

Successful community health improvement programs target resources effectively using strategies developed through data-driven research. Community Health Needs Assessments represent a vital first step in ongoing efforts to improve the health of entire populations.

About Our Presenter

2017 Jamie Heymans Using Your CHNA to Fund Comm Health Imp.jpgJamie Heymans
Community Health Specialist

Jamie Heymans is a Community Health Specialist with Regional Health’s Community Relations Department. She has a Master’s in Public Health from Walden University and is passionate about finding ways to be more proactive when it comes to wellness. In her time with Regional Health, Jamie has worked in the area of grant writing, clinical research, and Lean process improvement. In her current role, Jamie coordinates Regional Health’s Community Health Needs Assessment process and facilitates the resulting Community Health Improvement Plans for the system’s five hospital communities. Jamie also serves as a Well-Being Champion to help encourage other Regional Health caregivers on their path to living well. 

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